Alliance Member Information

Sacro Occipital Technic Organization International (SOTO-I) is the international alliance that is made up of the approved and recognised SOT® organisations around the world.

SOT-International Board Positions

Each SOT Alliance member organisation allocates two delegates to attend the annual SOTO-International meeting, held in different locations around the world.

In 2019, the elected positions in the Organisation were:

President: Dr. Darren Little (SOTO-Australasia)

Vice President: Dr. Ann McDonnell (SOTO-Europe)

Secretary: Dr. Ann McDonnell (SOTO Europe)

Following are the participating SOT® International Alliance organisations:

SORSI-North America


SOTO Japan

SOTO Brazil

SOTO Australasia

SOTO New Zealand

SOTO Australasia (SOTO-A)

Jacquie Strudwick, Coordinator
PO Box 2310
Burleigh BC Qld 4220

Phone: +61 (0)7 5576 2132

Office Open Mondays to Thursdays

SOTO Brazil






Terceira Avenida 601 sala 303
Balneario Camboriu Sc Brasil
CEP : 88330 -087
Phone: +54.47.3363.0621

SOTO South America (SOTO-SA)
Ann Oldham Michael  
Casilla 576 Region XI
Coyhaique, Chile

Phone: 56.99.812.4987

SOTO Europe (SOTO-E)
St. James Chiropractic Clinic
The Old Thatched House
219 Romsey Road
Shirley Southampton S016 4DT
Phone: 011.44.2380.788.111
SOTO- Japan

Katsu Yoneyama, D.C.
6th Floor, Yamanote Bldg.
1-19-12 Minami Ikebukuro
Toshima-ku - Tokyo 171 - Japan

Phone: 011.81.33988.0704
Fax: 011.81.33986.1297
SORSI (North America)

Denise Moody, Administrative Assistant
2184 Channing Way #460
Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Phone: 913-239-0228 Fax: 913-239-0305
SOTO- New Zealand

Rosina Walker
37 Park Rd
Greenmeadows, Napier
New Zealand
Phone: +64 21 322 134


Additional Alliance Member Info:

SORSI (North America):

Chiropractic college students contact: Dr. Craig Pearson at


SOTO Europe:

If you have any general queries or if you experience problems using this website, please contact us at If you do experience problems please provide as much detail as possible to help us resolve the issue (nature of problem, what browser you are using, any error messages you received).

For membership enquiries or to inform us of any incorrect information on your entry in our member database please email Jon Toward at For any sales enquiries please contact Daphne Seymour-Hammond at

You can also contact SOTO board members directly if you have a specific enquiry

SOTO-South America:

Comité Directivo SOTO-SA

Presidente: Ann Oldham Michael

Vice Presidente Education: Marcelo Tello 

Vice President Marketing: Joe Jarosinski

Secretaria: Lili Mesaroli

Tesorero: Marcelo Tello

Webmaster: Sergio Enríquez L.